Welcome to the Energy Dispute Solutions website.

We provide expert alternative dispute resolution services and consultations to solve complex disputes in the energy industry. EDS is dedicated to offering skilled neutrals with specific domain expertise in the energy business – a level of combined service and expertise traditional ADR service providers can rarely match.Co-founders, Kay Dryden and Charles Ferguson have several decades of experience providing counseling and strategy expertise to clients with complex commercial disputes in highly regulated industries, particularly the energy industry.

We believe such knowledge is essential for successful resolution of all energy related disputes, particularly the most intractable ones such as the catastrophic loss of an offshore oil rig or claims of regulatory violations in the electronic trading of energy derivatives.

When your visit to our website is finished, we invite you to call for a more detailed description of our services and our team. Cost estimates, conflict checks, initial assessments and scheduling are complimentary upon request.

EDS provides the professional services of mediators, arbitrators and other types of ADR neutrals including strategy consultants. Clients should consult their attorneys for legal advice as EDS does not provide legal representation or legal services.

The EDS Value Proposition

Our value proposition is simple. We offer neutrals with energy industry expertise at a favorable cost. Traditional ADR service providers typically staff assignments with attorneys or retired judges who have little or no energy industry experience. EDS delivers results by providing expert neutrals who know the industry and can work efficiently with the parties to resolve disputes.At EDS, your mediation or arbitration will be more successfully and efficiently handled because our neutrals have a thorough understanding of the sophisticated business and regulatory issues involved.

With sophisticated business knowledge, our mediators immediately bring to bear a range of skills to resolve your dispute. There are no delays to allow time for our mediators to learn basic facts about the industry. From their initial contact with you our mediators act as expert sounding boards for each party’s negotiation strategy, assuring each party’s position is presented fairly and to its greatest advantage. Our mediators are able to present, in private caucus, an accurate and detailed assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the party’s position based on information presented during the mediation. Our mediators are not only able to gain the trust of adversarial parties, and facilitate discussions and negotiations between the parties from the start, they are often able to offer insights to open new avenues of discussion and encourage creative options for problem resolution.